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Brandenburg Boer Goat Farm, Fairfax, OK

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Quality Boer Goats for Herd Improvement and Show Stock

Brandenburg Boer Goat Farm

Red, Dun and Black Homozygous and Hetrozygous Polled Dexter Cattle

After ten years of raising Quality Registered Boer Goats, we decided to downsize our goat herd and focus on raising Registered Polled Dexter Cattle. Our goal from the very beginning when we made that decision in 2012 was to purchase and produce Quality Registered Dexters with good conformation, good udders and gentle dispositions. Also to produce all three colors to help meet the needs of others looking for Dexter Cattle to purchase. Our cattle are tested and on file at UC Davis Labs.

We chose the Dexter breed for several reasons, one of them being their size, they are a small breed of cattle, not miniatures, which makes them perfect for our 30 acres farm as we can have 3 Dexters for each full size breed of cattle. We also wanted to produce quality cattle that people of all ages can enjoy raising, training or showing. The Dexters small size and gentle disposition makes them an excellent choice for the show ring. We also wanted to raise high quality, pasture raised beef for our freezer, always knowing where our beef comes from, and be able to sell that same quality of steer to others for their freezer.


Brandenburg Boer Goat Farm



Brandenburg Boer Goat Farm
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